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Mad Men Madness


Season finale tonight.  What’s in the future for ole Don Draper?  Watching Jon Hamm play a man descending into a pit of alcoholism-laden hell has been both compelling and uncomfortable.  It’s hard to believe we’re at the end of another season.

In other T.V. viewing news, The Killing is a few episodes in and I’m loving the new season.  Peter Sarsgaard.  Holy cow.  He’s owning his role as convicted murderer, Ray Seward.


And Linden is back, and Holder–my two favorite cops of all time.  Great chemistry there. Here’s to hoping that Joel Kinnaman gets some award recognition this year.

True Blood has started up again.  It’s pure fun, one of those shows where you check your brain at the door and jump right in.

I’m not much into reality shows, but I do love me some Masterchef.  Joe, buddy, if I could bottle that look for my writing, I’d win at everything.


And, I taught myself how to poach an egg . . . in boiling water.  Thank you, Masterchef.  And Joe.


06 2013