Stephan (Stephanie) Train lives in Northern, CO with her daughter, Emma.  She received a B.A. in Literature/Creative writing from CU, an M.F.A. in fiction from CSU and an M.Ed. in Adult Education from CSU.  She is currently working her way through CSU’s Journalism and Technical Communications Ph.D. program where she is studying Human Behavior and Technology.  Currently, she is an assistant researcher on the CYCLES team, a project focused on video games and how they contribute to learning transfer/retention.

Stephan writes science-fiction, fantasy, and literary fiction, though dabbles from time to time in other genres.

She also spends time working with community literacy projects and has been part of the SpeakOut! program since 2009, facilitating workshops for inmates in Larimer County and serving as managing editor for the biannual SpeakOut! journals.  More about SpeakOut! can be found [HERE].

Her published works can be found in The Berkeley Fiction ReviewThe Copper Nickel, Transgress Magazine, Changing Minds – Changing Lives among others. She was also a writher for White Wolf Publications on the Everquest RPG line and was a Finalist for Q2 Writers of the Future (2013). She also received the Tremblay-Crow Fellowship at CSU and was given the Grand Prize fiction award from the Copper Nickel for her short story, “Book Girl.”

List of Published Works

  • Folkestad, J.E., McKernan, B., Train, S. et al. (2017). The Temporal Attentive Observation (TAO) Scale: Development of an Instrument to Assess Attentive Behavior Sequences During Serious Gameplay, Technology, Knowledge, and Learning. doi: 10.1007/s10758-017-9302-7
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  • Smith (Maiden Name), Stephanie. 2008. Book Girl, The Copper Nickel Literary Magazine. 9.  University of Colorado at Denver.  Fiction. Print.
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Everquest: RPG Works

  • Pryor, Anthony, Aaron Rosenberg, Stephanie Smith. 2003. EQRPG: Realms of Norrath – Dagnor’s Cauldron. White Wolf Publications. 52–64. Fiction/Gaming/Technical. Print.
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  • Smith, Stephanie, Stewart Weick. 2001. EQRPG: Player’s Handbook. White Wolf Publications.  55-104. Fiction/Gaming/Technical. Print.


Awards and Honors

  • “Unbecoming,” Writers of the Future Contest, Quarter 2, 2013.  Finalist.  (Currently being held for finalist publication) 
  • Tremblay-Crow Fellowship.  Colorado State University.  2009-2011
  • “Book Girl,” The Copper Nickel, Spring 2008.  Grand Prize for best fiction piece of 2008.  Judges: Jennifer Davis and Jake York


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    Wow, my daughter is named Emma too!

    I also love Colorado, I’m from CT. but I was in Colorado last year for a concert at Red Rocks.


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