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Great news!  I can finally share it.  I am a finalist in the Writers of the Future contest for Quarter 2 (volume 30).  That means top 8 out of thousands of entries.  They will choose the winner (and 2nd/3rd place) in three weeks.

Now, I went into this thinking, “Someone cool might read my work,” and as a geek genre writer, that (in and of itself) is better than waking up on Christmas morning with a hot pink Huffy bicycle under the tree.  The one with glitter-streamers and a mini license place that read “Hot Stuff.”

Don’t razz me.  This was the 70’s.

Naturally, when I received a call from Joni at Writers of the Future, I thought, “Oh (bleep) there’s something wrong with my story.  It got lost.  They forgot to have the judges read it.  A band of raccoons hopped-up on bath salts stormed WOTF headquarters and tore up the servers, then they went house-to-house looking for judges, destroying all evidence of my story. Epic FAIL!”

But then, she gave me the news.  I felt my heart grow three sizes, then it started beating really loud and my hands shook and I lost my breath and then, and then, and then . . . .

Breeeeatheeee . . . 1 . . . 2 . . . 3 . . . .

Ellipses abuse!

Who knows if I’ll make the top three, but it’s exciting to know I have chance.

Funny how these things come when you need them the most.  I was just sitting down the other day to write a scene that is kicking my ass and I thought, “Self, this sucks.  Writing is hard.  How do I spell T-H-E?  What is the capital of Missouri?  Why am I watching Dance Moms?”

Hard stuff.

Now?  I feel like what I’ve been doing for the last few years just might be worth something.

Anyway, I’m here in the moment.  Will update when I get it.  Until then, this is me:


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06 2013

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    Hi, there!

    Congrats on your finalist-hood! There’s a forum for the contest that’s filled with friendly writers who would love to meet you and add their congrats to mine.

    C’mon over and say HI!




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    Awesome. I hope you win!

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