Dear U.S.A., Learn from the Brits


I started watching Merlin a few months ago (Netflix streaming for the WIN!).  And the show is wonderful.  It’s thoughtful, entertaining, dramatic, humorous and addicting.

Very very addicting.

It’s so rare to find a show like this, especially in the US where everything is cookie-cutter format.  Maybe Merlin IS cookie-cutter (in Britain) but heck if I know what that means.  All I know is that I feel safe in this show’s hands, as weird as that sounds.

How many times have you been burned by a great show?  Only to ….

1. Watch it, get into it and cry when it’s cancelled in the height of its prime (Firefly,SG:Universe).

2. Watch it, get hooked and BAM!  Writer/creative director change.  It all falls apart (Heroes).

Shows like Merlin show me what’s wrong with American television, show me that it’s more about ratings and numbers here, all about the corporate needs as opposed to viewer wants.

(The only primetime network that seems to break this mold more often than not is the CW with “work horse” shows like SupernaturalSmallville, etc).

I guess that’s why we see the good stuff on cable?  Mad MenBreaking Bad, a whole slew of HBO, Showtime and Starz serials.

Why can’t our networks get it right?

Merlin spoils me, same as Being Erica spoiled me (Canada) and Being Humanspoiled me (Britain, though the US version is killer too).

What gives, USA?

Merlin Links

Rupert Young (Sir Leon – he’s our favorite here)

Official Site

Colin Morgan’s Website (Merlin)

Bradley James (Arthur)

Katie McGrath (Morgana)

Angel Coulby (Gwen)

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